Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Queue: I, Mike Sacco, smell terrible

Welcome back to The Queue,'s daily Q&A column in which the team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Mike Sacco will be your host today.

This title is what happens when you don't title your own post and leave it to Alex to do it. You have all been warned.

Sumadin asked:

With Menethil Harbor flooded how do Alliance players get to Theramore and Howling Fjord? Has it all been moved to Stormwind?
As it turns out, docks float. Menethil Harbor is both a fully-functional quest hub and fully-functional port town. You can still get to Theramore and Valiance Keep from there.

Kavu asked:

I wonder about worgen form and combat -- I remember hearing that worgen would need to be in worgen form while in combat, but if you're in human form and, let's say, cast Moonfire do you then have to go through the few second transformation?

Transformation only takes time when you hit the Two Forms button. When going into combat or casting a spell, the change is instantaneous.

Mau asked:

While there was no internet today, I randomly decided to see the game's credits and the arts shown there surprised me. There was one landscape I didn't recognize though, in vanilla WoW's credits, a city built on a petrified nautiloid-looking thing (or is it a city on a hill that's been sculpted like a nautiloid?), any clue on what that place is?

It's uncertain for what the art was going to originally be used, but its untextured model is currently in-game on Designer Island. Also present on Designer Island: mining and herb nodes of every type. Weird.

ROB13 asked:

We already know that mounts will scale to the highest riding level I.E. Bronze Drakes going 310% if you have a Violet Proto Drake, but will the Sea Turtle scale to the new faster Sea Horse mounts we get in Vashj'ir?

At this point in beta, no, they don't. They might later, but it's unlikely -- getting that water mount is a rite of passage in the zone.

Crewdie asked:

So in the expansion, you get locked into a talent tree as soon as you pick it, right? Any chance this will affect the LFG system? As in "You aren't spec'ed to tank, you can't tank?"

As of a few builds ago, I was able to queue as healing on my elemental shaman. I haven't tested it recently.


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