Sunday, August 29, 2010

List of simple Feral questions/concerns

4) Can the damage portion of entangling roots be removed, and the bug that says "more powerful spell active" be fixed?

5) should tiger's fury increase damage by a small % instead of a base number? like 5% or 10%?

6) will dash be given the same treatment as sprint? (lower CD lower dura)

7) is the new version of innervate intended to be worth less to specs with small mana pools like Feral?

8) Can you change the new version of survival instincts to have less of an effect but a shorter CD?, 60% is great, but at a 5 min cd, id rather have 40% on a 3 minute cd or something to that effect ya know?

9) is Bear form damage going to be a little bit higher then it currently is for Cata? can pulverize and mangle at least hit harder then maul? its kinda lame that our talented abilities hit much weaker then maul in bear atm :(

10) what is the purpose of thorns? you've been consolidating weird buffs so, i figure this is on the list of weird buffs with no real purpose

11) will our yellows be buffed up a bit to compensate for savage roar damage loss, since you guys are trying to deemphasize savage roar a bit?

12) i think Stampeding Roar should grant immunity from snares, maybe not for the feral so that it couldnt be used completely selfishly, but for the other members of the group it hits, at least

13) Blessing of the Grove, Fury Swipes, Feral Aggression, all kinda suck currently, they gettin some love? also, can master shapeshifter be delinked from natural shapeshifter? it sucks to have to dump those 3 points in if your a spec who doesnt need the reduced shifting costs.

anyway thats all i can think of now


  1. havent played wow in forever...

  2. The purpose of thorns is probably a plant evolutionary tactic to keep predators from eating it broski.

    Or maybe it's their nature?????????

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